My name is Nessa Rosenfeld and I am the owner of Yardley Antiques. The store is located in Morrisville PA, which is a small town in Pennsylvania, but I mainly buy and sell antiques in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York City.

I feel, that in order to find the perfect antique, you have to use three senses: sight, smell, and touch. A particular piece either resonates with you, or it doesn’t. I personally don’t like having to completely refinish antique furniture. Minor imperfections, the smell of old wood and signs of slight age wear are what make a piece authentic and real.

That’s why, when I partially restore a piece of furniture, I try to preserve the original feel of a piece and not renew the furniture up to the point where it looks like a reproduction. Small chips off of trim, a few fine scratches here and there and tiny bubbles in a 100 year old glass door make the piece more valuable to me.

Thanks for looking and hope to meet you soon,



We have known Nessa, the proprietor of Yardley Antiques for a few years now. We met her while hunting for antiques for our new home. Practically our whole house is furnished with items we bought from her store and online auctions. She has quality, unique pieces and is always willing to negotiate a fair price.

Laurie P. from Morrisville PA