Returns & Disclaimer

All shipping of collectibles, ephemera and small lamps will be done via USPS or FedEx (whichever is least expensive).

  • All shipped items valued over $100 and not made of glass (which is not insurable) will be insured against loss or damage.
  • Returns will only be accepted if the item in question is not as described (I describe my items in detail, and the photos show all imperfections). The buyer will be responsible for all return charges (fully insured).
  • The maximum time limit for returns is 7 days from receipt of goods.

When we deliver the bought item to you personally (local delivery) or by my shipper David Vannoy – we do not accept any returns.

Because antique furniture, collectibles, lamps and other items were most often unsigned (or they have lost their labels over time) it can be difficult, if not impossible, to accurately determine the exact age, maker or provenance of each piece.

However, I always do my best to describe every piece to the best of my extensive knowledge and experience in the field of antiques.



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